A Brief Summary of Lilem

A Brief Summary of Lilem No.1

Lilem folkloric music festival created with the idea of improving Mazandaran’s folkloric music. Not only this festival tries to find and encourage unknown talented artists of this province but also it helps the habitants to be familiar with their native music. The first idea of lilem music festival has propounded in winter of 1394 by” Nasim Mehr Ava art and cultural institute”. After that the festival got permission to be held in Tir 28th till mordad 1st,1395.

Festival’s recall was in the first half of Ordibiheshet. The submission started in three fields including; solo (Dotar, Laleva, Desar kouten,Kamanche, Lagan) , choir and folkloric songs. Primary judgement introduced the chosen works and artists who had required quality.

Festival held in the morning and competitors competed in three days, Tir 28th, 29th, 30th at Helal Ahmar salon in Sari. The additional program was about native groups playing folkloric songs alongside with other groups from Kurdestan, Azarbayjan sharqi and Gilan. At the same time, in Sari’s Donyaye Arezoo Complex and Chalous’s Radio Darya, musicians and singers played for the audience.

The final judgement was in the last day of festival, the best singers and musicians in each field identified and introduced.

Closing ceremony held in Mordad 1st in Helal Ahmar salon. The ceremony has been held with the attendace of people, artists and eminent figures of the state. In this ceremony best artists awarded and the festival with all of its strengthen and weaknesses ended.

Lilem No.2

Nasim Mehr-Ava Arts and Cultural Foundation after success in Leilm’s first festival, is planing to held the second one with a vast coverage including states in Alborz’s area such as Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan, Semanan, and a part of Tehran. So the so called foundation will begin its work after it gets the permission.